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 I am done done done with APs. Unless I choose to take some sort of Biology AP to fulfill American University's general education requirement for science, which I might because I don't want to take Biology 1 all over again but never will I stoop so low to take..."Great Experiments in Biology." I don't understand why colleges feel the need to dumb the sciences down for humanities people. Yes I am an international relations major, but I am fully capable of understanding how cell division works, thank you! I just don't remember at the moment!

In any case, doesn't it defeat the purpose of general education requirements to debone a class like that?

I'm probably just bitching because I want to skip biology and dive straight into human anatomy. That sounds like fun.

Hmm. I just read that sentence over again.

I am happy to be going to American University though. It's close to home, but then again, I live in a DC suburb, and DC is basically the best city in the world, especially for international relations. I'm going on a fairly hefty scholarship, so well done me, and the campus is beautiful and did I mention, located in the best city in the world? Just today there were European embassy open houses, and my friend and I strolled around Embassy Row. Most of the embassies were more interesting on the outside than the inside, but Finland had a Lord of the Rings exhibit and delicious meatballs. MEATBALLS, I SAY.

We also passed by a used book store and bought a huuuge book of dirty limericks for four dollars, which I have hidden where my parents will never find it. A few of the chapter titles: "organs", "strange intercourse", "oral irregularity", "buggery", "abuses of the clergy", "excrement" followed by "gourmands", "virginity", followed by "motherhood" and "prostitution", "diseases", and most ominously, "chamber of horrors". 

Afterwards we went by the National Cathedral and felt guilty.

Oh, to hell with it!

There once was a priest of Gibraltar
Who wrote dirty jokes in his psalter.
          An inhibited nun
         Who had read every one
Made a vow to be laid on his altar.

That is all.
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