Aug. 16th, 2010

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I had, earlier, almost posted the most maudlin dribble I have ever written in my life: all about my slowly breaking heart and how he is probably into this amazingly cool Korean bartender and how I just want to curl up in bed and cry. But now I feel silly--because actually, my heart isn't broken. I finally told him how I feel and he was basically incredibly sweet: told me that with his relationship with his long-distance girlfriend going downhill he hasn't been fit to like anyone more than friends,but that he felt really close to me and that he was happy, really happy that I liked him that much. He's already looked up how much tickets are from his native Sweden to the U.S. :) conclusion, I am a teenage girl. Shock

I miss him, though. I should be looking forward to starting college next week so that the little pangs in my stomach will go away, but to be truthful, I'm not. Because whenever I start to miss him I also start to think of the timbre of his voice, the feeling of his skin against mine, what we did or said or laughed about together. And I can't do that in public because I start to smile at his memory, and I don't want anyone to ask why I'm grinning like the happiest fool on planet earth.

Other news, in brief:

1. I just spent the entire summer in Korea, which is where I met...the subject of this entire post. Korea was amazing in every way.

2. My annoyingly slow-going Bleach fanfic is now at least partly about socialism. lol

3. After apps and APs and god knows everything else, I am fucking going to college. I am going to get an overpriced education! Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah.


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