Aug. 16th, 2011

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 I saw Guys and Dolls at Wolftrap this weekend! Let me tell you, guys (and dolls), it was wonderful. I've been searching youtube for song clips ever since.

There's this thing I have with stage plays that I ONLY have for stage plays: the first is always, invariably, the best. I saw a high school production of Inherit the Wind when I was in kindergarten and haven't been able to get it out of my head. I can't even remember most of the songs, but the Broadway production of Phantom of the Opera is vastly superior to the movie! (And it probably was, too). If I saw a production of Macbeth performed by the London Shakespeare Company tomorrow, I think I'd sigh and wish they were as good as my high school actors.

This doesn't happen for anything else. I can watch two versions of a movie and admit that the second was better. I fell in love with the 11th Doctor just as hard as I fell for 10. I acknowledge (although it breaks my heart a little to say) that Brandon Sanderson is a better writer for Wheel of Time than Robert Jordan was. But when it comes to the stage, the physicality of being in the presence of the real actors, hearing their voices ring out in real time, close enough to feel their charisma, far away enough that their features are the most handsome in the world, seeing the conductor's hands wave over the orchestra pit and the hush right before everyone in the room bursts into applause at the same time...

Well, what can I say? First is best, as far as I'm concerned, and second is the one with a hairy chest. As I can see it, the movie versions are no good at all--and objectively speaking, Jean Simmons is beautiful but just can't sing very well. 

In other news, I am desperately, desperately, trying to finish a fill I posted to a kinkmeme (yes). There are people reviewing me! They're saying things about my writing! My characterization! Good things, to top off this insanity. It's a weird feeling. And if I do finish it, that'll make it the first multi-chapter fic I've actually finished, and I can't even tell you how pathetic that is, given how many years I've been trying to write fanfiction.

I am also desperately trying to find housing before the new school year starts, but man, you do not need to know about that insanity. Really.


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