Oct. 30th, 2011


Oct. 30th, 2011 08:09 pm
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I know. I haven't been around in forever. But guess who got her hard drive back all by herself? And who will now be able to finish all the fics that have been languishing on her computer?

haha ikr the thought of me actually finishing a fic is funny to me too


This week has just been one of those weeks, honestly. I moved into a new place with new roommates because it was a) cheaper b) closer and c) I HATED my old roommate. Someday I will tell you all the long, sorry tale. Anyway, my new roommates are grad students from Thailand and Indonesia and whenever they don't have a paper due the next day (which is often, poor grad students) they bring home a bottle of wine to celebrate something or the other. And they invite me to have a glass or four and I ACCEPT, because SELF CONTROL, HOW DOES IT WORK with the result that, together with being sick, sleeping it off has caused me to miss a lot of work and class. I mean, not a lot and I think quite a bit of it is due to me being sick rather than a total alcoholic but still. STILL. For the first time in my life I've shown up to a class slightly buzzed. Which is actually pretty nice, because it was totally relaxing and I could focus better on what was actually important in my notes BUT THAT IS SO NOT THE POINT OMG. The point is that is howwwww did I sink so low? /woe, sorrow, anguish etc.

Also I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time! It was amaaaazing. I can't wait to see it again and again so I can learn all the lines :D. 

This weekend has been unusually busy for me, really. On Friday night I dressed as a pirate wench and went to anime club, which I should really go to more often, because they are full of great people even if they have questionable taste in anime (we watched High School of the Dead. Just...no.) and then Rocky Horror. Saturday was rehearsal and then several hours at a Bengali/Vietamese wedding, which served Chinese food? idek but they also had really excellent champagne of which I partook enthusiastically (because I'm an ALKIE OH GOD) and then my friend and I totally tore up the dance floor. They will seriously have to call in some carpenters, because there is no floor left. For real. And then today, rehearsal again for most of the day. 

Oh yeah, I got cast in a Shakespeare play. homg, I really do not post about my life enough. But yeah, it happened, hence the rehearsal. It's my first college play, and I was only in one play in high school, so I'm just thrilled I got cast, honestly. 

Also, this is probably because I missed so much work/class, but I've been plagued by this feeling all week that I have to do something important. It's the most annoying feeling in the world, especially considering that I'm pretty sure that I don't. But that's the way these things work, isn't it? You forget about it until suddenly...you remember that it's due tomorrow. It's like the Silence. 


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