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 I am seriously addicted to Glee. Seriously, this needs to stop. I've watched every episode at least three times and I don't even ship anyone! I just have a purely platonic adoration for this show.

Also let me tell you guys what happened the other day! It involves my dad, which guarantees that it will be hilarious.

We have, or rather had, a hot tub in our backyard. It was a lot of fun when I was younger, but no one uses it much anymore, so Dad decided to get rid of it. Here's how it went down:

Dad: Go use the internet thingmabob to look up charities that accept hot tubs.

Me: *carefully explains that charities that accept hot tubs aren't very good charities*

Dad objects to this, saying that there are charities take cars. He seems very obstinate on this point, and can't seem to understand how I can't make the dad-logical leap from cars to hot tubs. (It is at this point, by the way, that my mind's eye very helpfully supplies me with a mental image of a poor family with children, all eagerly waiting for a charity to provide them with a life-changing vehicle...and getting a hot tub instead.)

"Dad!" I say. "Think of the children! Let's put it up on Craigslist instead!"

"What's Craigslist?" asks Dad, all innocence.

I probably should have stopped there. In my defense, I had no idea that I was creating a monster.

So I show him Craigslist, or more specifically, the free section of Craigslist. My dad is agog.

"Wait. These are all free??"

Oh god.

We gave away the hot tub, in the end, but at what price? I fully expect all the furniture in my house to slowly disappear, to be replaced by artifacts of all origins, countenances, and sentiences, lost and found in the pit that is Craigslist's free section.

Also, you guys know how I volunteer at the Holocaust Museum? Okay, so I was there the other day AND THE WEIRDEST LADY SHOWED UP. SHE WAS SO WEIRD.

She was dressed in a way that indicated she was either extremely rich and didn't remember it or she stole coats from the Salvation Army. Either way, she smelled like crazy.

I saw her inside the museum earlier. I went out for lunch, and when I went back in through the 15th St entrance, she was also trying to get back in. She had an envelope addressed to the museum director filled with--something--and told the guards--and everyone in the vicinity, actually--that it was a donation. But she wouldn't let her bag through the machine. She just looked confused and told them that it was her bag, why did they want it? It was her bag. BUT she would have had to go through security the first time I saw her inside, which means that she was either less senile in the morning (unlikely!) or didn't have her bag with her earlier (sketchy!) or this time had something in her bag she didn't want security to see (OMG TERRORIST!)

So she refuses to let security have her bag, so she just turns around and goes. Out the wrong door, may I add...A guard escorts her to the curb and puts her in a cab.

Get this: She takes the cab from the 15th St entrance to the 14th St entrance. WHAT. Same deal.

So, yeah. I don't know how this story ends. She was probably just an old woman trying to do a good thing, and I feel really bad for calling her weird. At the same time, though, it was kind of freaky!

Man, this was a long post. It might give you the impression that my life is interesting or something, so I'm just going to stop now.

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 My glasses are broken.

The world is an Impressionist painting!
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I haven't posted in a really long time, have I? Wow. Anyways, I'm just popping in to say that I am in CHINA at the moment and IT IS AWESOME.

Seriously, I'm staying with my dad in Beijing (I can't say what my dad's doing, though, because his job is srs bzns) and I only have two complaints.


2) THE HEAT ARGH. I carry around an umbrella and one of those cheap fans everywhere. The humidity in DC is going to be nothing after this.

Actually, make that 3 things:

3) BEDBUGS. I got BIT by them. And they ITCH LIKE THE DEVIL. Thankfully I only stayed in that hotel for one night, when we were in Xian...

We saw the Qin Terracotta Warriors and the Temple of Xuan Zang and visited my relatives, all of them but most importantly, I am in a fandom paradise.

This is like being in Ba Sing Sae, only a thousand years into the future. Ba Sing Sae has walls: Beijing has seven concentric beltways dividing the city into seven rings. Ba Sing Sae has the Dai Li: In Beijing you have to be careful not to talk about Tibet or anything like that. Avatar!Verse has all sorts of made-up animals: Here in China I've seen statues of:

winged lions
kirin, which are like dragon-horses (they vary from place to place)

Basically: I thought I was over being obsessed with Avatar. I was so, so wrong.

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 Oh, my god. [ profile] ontd_startrek  is eating my brain and I don't even care anymore. This comm is so much more awesome than food! Or sleep! Or eventually passing high school!

(As you may have surmised, I did indeed go see Star Trek. And then I went home and saw it again online. And again, the next day. And then I listened to the audiobook--as narrated by Zachary Quinto! Holy wow, his Scotty voice is awful. And then I found all the comms. 

....And now I'm reading fanfic. I have never gotten sunk into a fandom this quickly before.

Also, I'm watching the original series! It's a little like watching Classic Doctor Who--there's that strange feeling in your stomach that can only come from a potent combination of horrible special effects, genderfail and plotlines so cheesy they must get them imported straight from Wisconsin, but also that ecstatic what the hell am I watching joy. It feels a bit like falling in love with the most acne-ridden nerd in school.)

By the way, some Russian dude just friended me. Literally, as in, as I was typing this entry. Never seen his username before. I clicked on his journal and the top entry was "How I quit my day job, got a $10,000 check from the government, and started making $50,000 a month with Google, for $7." Can everyone in the room say skeeeeeeeetchy?
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 Please, internet, please. I'm begging you. Tell me there's good House of the Scorpion fanfic somewhere within your vast and monstrous borders.
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 So we had a lockdown drill today. No, I'm not shitting you. On the anniversary of the Virginia Tech massacre, we had to lock the doors, shutter the windows, turn out the lights, and pretend there was a mass murderer on campus. I mean, really? We live 4 hours from Blacksburg. Nearly everyone in the school knows someone who was at Tech when all those people were shot. I personally know someone who would have been in the building itself if he hadn't slept in! (Laziness, guys. It saves lives.) I mean, insensitive much?

Oh, administration. You so dumb.

Speaking of the administration, I had a strange little interaction with the nurse today. I said: Hi! I feel hot all over my body and also a little woozy and last night I was shivering for no good reason. Is this normal?

She took my temperature (slight fever) and then gave me a little blue cup of water and an ice pack that wasn't cold, and sent my on my merry way. Fail. I want my nice nurse back. I ended up staying for school but skipping softball practice because I got pains in my stomach so bad I couldn't stand up properly. Which I think was caused by something different than the fever, which means that two different misfortunes chose today to gang up on me. Yay.

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I could provide an explanation for this, but I don't think I will. It's more amusing to keep you guessing.

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Man, I haven't been on livejournal for the longest time. I'M TOO LAZY TO READ ABOUT YOUR LIVES I'M SO SOOOOOOOOORRYYYY.

I have a snow day. Seriously, 4 inches and counting. (I'll see if I can get a picture--the pine trees look pretty and the bamboo are nearly bent double under the weight, it's really funny.) So, I have a day off school, my dad's home, and the roads are reasonably good (because our county puts omgsomuchsalt on the roads and it all runs off into the water supply and gives all the seniors heart attacks) and what am I doing? Why, watching People's Court! It's part soap opera, part reality show, part courtroom drama, AND it has a sassy white female judge! What's not to love? Right now there's this girl who's suing her ex-boyfriend who's 42 but she says he said he was 23 and oh, he has a daughter, but anyways, he blackmailed her and made her lose her job and made her buy him a car, while he says that he's never pretended to be 23 and WTF he doesn't have a daughter and yeah he blackmailed her but it wasn't a big deal. IT IS EPIC.

By the way, I love the Physics teachers at my school. This happened the other day:

Mr. Forbes comes into Mr. Scholla's classroom while we're doing a lab measuring a electric attraction of two balls. (YES I KNOW. We've already come up with all the dirty innuendos, so don't even try.)

Forbes: One of my students just asked me for the pinchy thing. The pinchy thing, really. But the sad thing is that I knew what she was talking about. I mean, what does that say about me as a teacher?

Scholla: Mmm.

Forbes: By the way, can I borrow the fluffy?

Scholla: Sure. *hands over rabbit skin* You doing the thingy?

Forbes: Yep. And I think I'll do some of that, whatsit demo.


As it turns out, we needed the pinchy things to measure the balls accurately.

Oh! Oh! I almost forgot. I got a 2310 on my SATs! ...The worst thing about going to my school is that I can name five people off the top of my head who did better than me :( Still--college, here I come!
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Lemme get this straight.

Last week it was the coldest day of the season.

Yesterday I was wearing cutoffs and a seashell necklace.

And tomorrow it's going to snow?

Dear Mother Nature;

With all due respect, GET BACK ON YOUR MEDS!

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Firstly--We're building a house in Prototyping. Yeah, an actual house.

Secondly--I got a new laptop! For the first in my life ever I don't have a clunky ugly desktop! If I really wanted, I could take my computer downstairs and watch television. Gasp!

Thirdly--Ahh Physics test.

So, okay. I'm very sure that I did all right, but I definitely got distracted by the girl sitting behind me who STARTED CRYING and WOULD NOT STOP. Not of the really loud weeping variety, but she wasn't shedding silent perfect tears of righteous frustration, if you know what I mean. I mean, she was sitting right behind me and it was SO DISTRACTING. I can understand being frustrated by an exam, and I've come pretty close to tears myself on particularly hard tests, but dude--if you're that shaken up by a test, PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER or GO OUTSIDE. The poor sub came over to ask if she wanted to sit in the hallway and this girl started pouring out this long sob story in a whisper that goddamn everybody could hear about how it's been such a bad day and she forgot she had a math test today and now she had a physics test and she didn't know how to solve any of the problems and I'm sitting there like a) Whose fault is that, huh? and b) Bitch, everybody's been having a bad day. It's junior freaking year. The entire curriculum this year is made up of bad days. The rest of us have grown up and dealt with it. Crying to the teacher barely even worked in elementary school.

So she keeps sitting there and crying and blowing her nose loudly while I'm trying to remember what escape velocity is. I happen to glance over and she's writing a little sob note to my poor teacher--whose uncle is freaking dying in a hospital, as in, they're deciding whether to pull the plug or not, so what right do you have to complain--and then she turns the test over and stops working. Just sits there. Crying. Being distracting. And so. Goddamn. Self-centered.

You have no idea how much I wanted to tell her to GTFO, as that would conveniently get rid of her sniffling ass and earn her lifelong emnity, which would at least get her to stop talking to me.

On a lighter, albeit weirder, note--

I was in Rite-Aid the other day looking for some chocolate oranges--and by the way, whatever happened to those? The orange-flavored chocolates shaped liked oranges? They were really good--And I saw, in the Valentine's aisle, a product called Love Cuffs.

Really. Red and made out of shitty plastic and called Love Cuffs.

So I thought, "Okay. Someone in this absurdly rich, absurdly straitlaced area is into lite, extremely lite, BDSM. Stranger things have happened, surely.

I turned the Love Cuffs over (and don't even ask me why I picked them up) and in little font it said, "3 yrs and up."


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Guess who was at the inauguration!

Guess! )Aaaaaand...I did not mean to get on this tangent. What I mean to say is:

Congratulations, Mister President.

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Mom: *walks in*
Me: *hugging the lit-up, ornamented, tinseled, wonderfully and everlastingly plastic Christmas tree*
Mom: o________O

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I really didn't mean to get bogged down in all this Avatar drama, but...

Explaining to a friend why I found the casting choices for the new movie offensive...

She called me racist.

One of my best friends called me racist for wanting my culture represented fairly on film rather than, you know, exploited.

I really don't want to subject you to this rant. )
I still love her so much. This just breaks my heart.

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Internet, I need your help!

I'm writing an email to my brother in Cameroon. So far it goes like this:

Okay so I just remembered you're coming back in about a week. You need a primer to the States! Between when you left and now several things have happened:

--Britney Spears is Cool. No, really. I don't know if you get MTV in Cameroon or what, but she's Back.

Octopi are taking over the world

--There is actually grass on the lawn! As opposed to ugly dirt. Well, there's still ugly dirt, but it is now covered up by the green green grass of home.

--IT HAS SNOWED! Okay, so it didn't stick, and it was only twice, and about ten minutes worth of it, but IT SNOWED!

--I might not have failed my Physics test yesterday. This is a major development

--Oh yeah, Obama is President now.

What else has happened between September and now? I need to refresh my brother on everything.

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Also: Is it really sad that the best SAT test score I have ever gotten was while I was sick as a rabid dog?
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There's a statue of a half-naked George Washington in the National Museum of American History. This is the best thing to happen to me all week.

Also, I saw the Star-Spangled Banner! It was amazing and patriotic and also kind of ugly, since various people have stolen various pieces of it over various spans of time. (Someone even stole a STAR off the flag, so it only has 14 stars! I'm trying not to imagine what this says about America, symbolically speaking).

I also bought a poster of Rosie the Riveter. :D I plan on giving it to a friend for Christmas, but I might just keep it for myself, since I have a major thing for posters.

Just picked up a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery from the library. It's absolutely brilliant:

"...Of all the cautious, ungenerous, deliberate and cold-blooded devils I know," said Lord Peter, "you are the most cautious, ungenerous, deliberate and cold-blooded. Here am I, sweating my brains out to introduce a really sensational incident into your dull and disreputable little police investigation, and you refuse to show a single spark of enthusiasm."

"Well, it's no good jumping to conclusions."

"Jump? You don't even crawl distantly within sight of a conclusion. I believe if you caught the cat with her head in the cream-jug you'd say it was conceivable that the jug was empty when she got there."

"Well, it would be conceivable, wouldn't it?"

"Curse you," said Lord Peter.

...And there are much better quotes, I just don't feel like finding them right now.

Urgh I don't feel like doing my history homework. Does anyone want to write an outline on what extent the democratization of America occurred during Jackson's presidency?

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So all that victory chocolate last night may have been a bad idea.
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I've been browsing lj for half an hour now and spent all that time wondering why I was suddenly on Undead Journal. I am so slow.
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Who says our football team sucks! Bring them out! Show them to me! I want to know who dares say our football team sucks! HOOYAH!

...I'm still pumped with adrenaline. This is bad. Taking the PSATs on Wednesday is going to be hell.


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