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 Man, Katsucon was fun! The hotel was fantastic--I cannot believe they got the Gaylord omg. But I am so exhausted, let me tell you.

I took a lot of pictures but they were all on my friend's camera so I'll probably post them later. I dressed up as the Painted Lady--a lot of people recognized me! I was really surprised, because I thought my cosplay was crap. I literally used dollar store makeup and a camping tarp I found at the last minute. But a lot of people really liked my costume and took pictures of me, which was flattering but a little creepy. Well, I took a lot of pictures of cosplayers too, so whatev.

I got:

A Bleach poster (of Ichigo and Rukia in street clothes! :D)
The coolest FLCL poster ever
A Code Geass and a Death Note poster for my cousin
FLCL fanart print
a pin of Hitsugaya
A sticker of chibi!Zuko

Zuko's sticker is the swag that I am proudest of getting, btw. I got it when I talked a friend of mine into getting some really fanservicey prints despite a promise to herself not to, and the fanartist was offering a free chibi sticker for every two prints bought. She wasn't interested in any of the characters, so she came away with Zero Suit Samus, Ceci from Code Geass eating pizza (suggestively, lol), and the mark of shame burning on her forehead, and I came away with chibi!Zuko and a good lesson: be a terrible person and the universe will reward you with fanart.
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I really didn't mean to get bogged down in all this Avatar drama, but...

Explaining to a friend why I found the casting choices for the new movie offensive...

She called me racist.

One of my best friends called me racist for wanting my culture represented fairly on film rather than, you know, exploited.

I really don't want to subject you to this rant. )
I still love her so much. This just breaks my heart.

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I will post this on [profile] theavatar100 tomorrow. If I can think of a title and don't find more stupid mistakes.

Now that I read this again, it's really not that good. Maybe I'll hold on that entire posting thing.
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I'm trying to decide whether to post this or not. The deadline on theavatar is already over with. (Well, as of right now. Which is, of course, the same time I finished my drabble. Funny world, no?)

I guess I'll just post this on my personal journal. I only typed this up, literally, five minutes ago, so no editing at all involved. Any suggestions for improvement?

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So I have decided that this is not going to be a drabble-only journal! No way!

It's too bad, though, I have no idea how to format livejournal.

My god! So who saw the second episode?


Of course, no one reads this journal besides my own lonely self. Why do I even bother?

Anyways. My god. The Mai/Zuko scene. My god. Can it get any weirder?

M: I hate the color orange.
Z: You're so beautiful when you're hating the world.
M: I don't hate you.
Z: I don't hate you too.


I actually think Mai/Zuko is kind of cute (except for the fact I'm a Zutara shipper...Whatever) but not when they're exchanging emo-love messages! (I actually thought that bit was kind of cute too besides the insane urge to laugh/gag)

Besides which...

Homecoming has come and gone already. Sigh. I shall miss it...

No really. I love Homecoming. It is such a huge deal in my school--And it's so much fun! Compared to us, other schools suck at spirit. Which is odd, because we're such a nerdy school...But as everybody knows, every calculator freak has an inner cheerleader.

Wrapping this up for now.

Btw, people who write/read Avatar fanfiction and more specifically have read my two drabbles, would anyone care to beta? I'm desperate...
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Title: Death Comes Last
Author: The Glow-Worm
Word Count: 347
Warning: Implication of death
Challenge: 100: The First
Other, general stuff: This is my first avatar fan-fiction. So if nothing else, take pity on me.


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