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 oh my god oh my god oh my god


Not even done with the chapter and I am literally hyperventilating. Oh, Bleach. When you're good, you almost make up for when you're terrible.

As a sidenote....Toshiro sure grew up, huh? *shoots self*
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 Man, Katsucon was fun! The hotel was fantastic--I cannot believe they got the Gaylord omg. But I am so exhausted, let me tell you.

I took a lot of pictures but they were all on my friend's camera so I'll probably post them later. I dressed up as the Painted Lady--a lot of people recognized me! I was really surprised, because I thought my cosplay was crap. I literally used dollar store makeup and a camping tarp I found at the last minute. But a lot of people really liked my costume and took pictures of me, which was flattering but a little creepy. Well, I took a lot of pictures of cosplayers too, so whatev.

I got:

A Bleach poster (of Ichigo and Rukia in street clothes! :D)
The coolest FLCL poster ever
A Code Geass and a Death Note poster for my cousin
FLCL fanart print
a pin of Hitsugaya
A sticker of chibi!Zuko

Zuko's sticker is the swag that I am proudest of getting, btw. I got it when I talked a friend of mine into getting some really fanservicey prints despite a promise to herself not to, and the fanartist was offering a free chibi sticker for every two prints bought. She wasn't interested in any of the characters, so she came away with Zero Suit Samus, Ceci from Code Geass eating pizza (suggestively, lol), and the mark of shame burning on her forehead, and I came away with chibi!Zuko and a good lesson: be a terrible person and the universe will reward you with fanart.
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 So I got into Bleach and long story short I'm writing a fanfiction and I wish I wasn't.

(The long story, less short, is that I watched 200~ episodes in a week and a half and possibly sacrificed my chances of getting into college.)

It has been a long, long time since I wrote for an anime. I find myself hopelessly bewildered: no longer the bright-eyed fangirl I was back in the Inuyasha fandom, I am determined to do this right, breaking out my road map and directions from dubious sources, remembering too late that will inevitably get me lost. I find myself typing confidently down a page, only to find that I don't actually remember what sort of relationship a -chan denotes. There's a voice in the back of my mind telling me to just pull over and ask someone already but I set my jaw because I totally know what I'm doing although I don't and really, really wish I bought a GPS system.

Also I'm refreshing my memory of the characters off fan essays and that's probably a really bad idea. It'll probably land me somewhere in Illinois and Midwestern farmers will gather around me as I pratter to them about Orihime's fairies or something and they'll say things like "You're not from around here, are ya?" And then I will shock the town with my scandalously modern attitudes towards music and dancing. They'll try to keep me down, but I'll win them over with a passionate, Biblically laden speech to the town council where I will proclaim that this is our time to dance! The reverend's daughter and I slowly fall in love, and then everybody cuts--

Where was I going with this metaphor again? I think I got lost.


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