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One thing I've noticed about guys--especially nerdy guys--Is that they think girls can't play card games. Oh, they never say it (well, they might) but I can tell they think it.

I happen to be excellent at Hearts, thank you very much. And you guys play Bridge. What are you, old ladies*?

The reason I'm informing you all of this is because these four guys (three of whom were nerds, and one who wants to be but fails miserably) were playing Hearts in the back of the bus. Obviously, I wasn't asked to play--Whatever.

Anyway, so I'm watching this game, because the non-nerd is unfortunately a friend of mine, and he's playing terribly. Doesn't seem to grasp the fact that you don't want the high numbers. But the game progresses, his abysmal playing results in him getting the Queen of Spades, their abysmal playing results in him taking home the rest of the hearts, and he wins the round. Here I am, commenting that I couldn't believe that he (my friend) won when he was so bad at Hearts*. Well then, this nerd hears me and starts explaining shooting the moon to me! As if I didn't know how*! So I obviously put him down, quite coldly, which doesn't pass through his insult filter because he has no social capacity.

We get off the bus. I mention to my friend the same exact thing I'm mentioning to you now. And then, AND THEN, he says to me;

F: No, I don't think so. I think you're looking for someone to be mean and spiteful to.
Me: Uh, no. You've never noticed Nerd1 and Nerd2 making incredibly sexist comments?
F: I think they were joking.

For the record, they weren't joking. Anybody could have seen that.

The problem with my friend, I think, is that he tries so hard to be fair and open-minded that he winds way back up being unfair and close-minded. It's like a vicious cycle....Of love.

* That is, old ladies who take Robotic Electronics
* Which he is, so it isn't exactly an insult
*As if years of playing it on the computer endlessly hadn't taught me!


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