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 So I got into Bleach and long story short I'm writing a fanfiction and I wish I wasn't.

(The long story, less short, is that I watched 200~ episodes in a week and a half and possibly sacrificed my chances of getting into college.)

It has been a long, long time since I wrote for an anime. I find myself hopelessly bewildered: no longer the bright-eyed fangirl I was back in the Inuyasha fandom, I am determined to do this right, breaking out my road map and directions from dubious sources, remembering too late that will inevitably get me lost. I find myself typing confidently down a page, only to find that I don't actually remember what sort of relationship a -chan denotes. There's a voice in the back of my mind telling me to just pull over and ask someone already but I set my jaw because I totally know what I'm doing although I don't and really, really wish I bought a GPS system.

Also I'm refreshing my memory of the characters off fan essays and that's probably a really bad idea. It'll probably land me somewhere in Illinois and Midwestern farmers will gather around me as I pratter to them about Orihime's fairies or something and they'll say things like "You're not from around here, are ya?" And then I will shock the town with my scandalously modern attitudes towards music and dancing. They'll try to keep me down, but I'll win them over with a passionate, Biblically laden speech to the town council where I will proclaim that this is our time to dance! The reverend's daughter and I slowly fall in love, and then everybody cuts--

Where was I going with this metaphor again? I think I got lost.
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You know what I realized today, while trolling  through the [community profile] fanficrants comm?


That said, I've wriiten a fanfiction.

I should add that it isn't quite finished?

I'm waiting for an unexplained sickness to strike me so I can miss school tomorrow.

EDIT: I'm also promoting a new comm: [profile] avatarflashfic
EDIT # 2: Was indeed struck by an unexplained sickness (no lie) but still had to go to school. FAIL.


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