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Well, the plastic Santas and angels are up on their plastic Christmas tree (Which is no less beautiful for it) and the lights are twinkling away merrily, Barry Manilow is playing on my iTunes, and the world is at peace. The snowmen called Sam and Alice are up there, hanging side-by-side (This is one of those days that I'm feeling charitable towards my brother. Funny how they all fall on the days he's off at college) this week is the last before winter break, and my friends' Sweet Sixteen is on Sunday. Barring the mad rush for presents (Oh god why must so many of my friends have birthdays in winter? AH!) and global warming killing my snow, I love this season. I even love the endless Christmas songs. I go around singing them interminably--It drives my brother batnuts.

And I'm wondering what I'll get for Christmas. (Actually--Want to know something really nerdy? My mom's setting up a bank account for me, and my dad's getting me a TI-89 'cause my calculator broke. Those are my Christmas presents. That is my happy holiday. Really, really, dorky, huh? This is what I have friends for.)

Anyways, so I have this really ridiculous assignment for Latin--Basically, I have to take a mythic hero (and here I'm limited to Theseus, Perseus, Jason, Odysseus, Heracles, or Aeneas) and either write an new adventure for them that fits into their original mythos, or write them in modern life. So I'm going to ask you guys, what would rather write/read:

1. Sci-Fi futuristic Perseus
2. Noir Detective (Unsure what hero)
3. Cowboys!

This is looking more and more ludicrous.


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