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Birthdate:May 27
I write, which is pretty much why I am finding myself having a livejournal. (There's this thing, see, called fanfiction, and what it basically is--Whatever, actually. Forget it.) I've been resisting getting a livejournal for a while now, because I used to have a xanga and I would go about thinking deep thoughts and doing great things and seeing wonderful sights, and I would ponder: How can I make that into a xanga post? And it got ye olde.

I also spend a lot of time online, which is bad for both my beauty rest and my eyes (It's 4:20 as I type this [yawn] and I should be getting to sleep now. I swear I will as soon as I finish this) And seeing as being online required being on the computer, that hardly needs stating. Anyways, by the time those scientists at the Institute for Finding Completely Random and Superbly Unhelpful Facts and Figures finally discover that computer monitors emit carcinogenic waves, I will probably be dead. And so will you lot, I suspect.

And that, ladybugs and gentlebeetles (I saw that phrase somewhere and I thought it was brilliant), concludes my rather lame, pointless, parentheses-ridden bio.

Night, all.
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